Discovery Towing

Discovery Towing Roadside Assistance


Discovery Towing began operation in November 2012 by the amalgamation of Select Towing and Humboldt Auto body. Discovery towing has two trucks available for your towing needs:


            2012 F650 21 Foot Deck

            2013 F650 Vulcan 892 Twin Line Wrecker


The F650’s have put on just over 100,000 kms combined since the company began. The trucks are operated by Barry Schlosser and Dylan Laliberte. The guys are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


Their main roadside contractors include: CAA, Sykes, All State, Road Canada, and DAA


Discovery Towing was awarded the CAA 2013 Emergency Road Service Award of Excellence!! There were over two hundred contractors that were included in this category in Saskatchewan and Discovery Towing won!!



Introducing the Discovery Towing Fleet


Discovery Towing Fleet


Discovery Towing has two Tow trucks to serve the Humboldt area-- 24 hours a day. The two rescue trucks can free vehicles from just about anywhere, our new roll deck truck can properly tow all-wheel drive and 4x4 trucks.


If you’re stuck, broken down or upside down give us a call. We accept all roadside assistance programs.  So, no matter whether you have CAA or another program, we have you covered.